Clarkson University Professor Launches Business Podcast

A new podcast started by Clarkson University David D. Reh professor of innovation and entrepreneurship Bela Musits will give insight into how to build and grow a business in today’s global marketplace.

“The Unconventional Path: Secrets to Igniting Your Business With Bela and Mike” aims to capture and share the essence of how interesting people often take unconventional paths to build their business.

Musits, in collaboration with Mike Wasserman, who is a former Clarkson professor and currently works as a professor of international management at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany, will speak with business founders about how they get their inspiration, drive, and persistence to start and grow their enterprise.

“In the podcast we have conversations with successful entrepreneurs you have never heard of, who have built successful businesses you have never heard of,” Musits said.

Musits said the concept of the podcast is to look at successful entrepreneurs that a large percentage of the population can identify with. This also means talking to business owners from a variety of industries and who are at different stages in their business careers.

“We want to cover a broad range of businesses. For example, one podcast that we have is with a person who runs a marketing firm, another one is a technology company, and another podcast is with a person who runs a financial services business,” Musits said. “The other thing we are looking at is taking people who are later in life and are doing this as a career change.”

Each episode will be unique in that it focuses on the most interesting part of the business owner’s journey. Musits said he often starts by asking about his guest’s childhood and whether there are any entrepreneurial roots, how they got started and what some of their greatest challenges were. He also likes to focus on company culture and how that culture is built.

The Unconventional Path will be released twice per month and will be 40 to 50 minutes in length. In that time, Musits and Wasserman will give listeners a brief introduction to the topic, followed by the interview, with a five to 10 minute summary at the end.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play. To offer suggestions or comments about the podcast, email them at

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