New Solution for Plantar Foot Pain Developed with Help from Clarkson University’s Shipley Center

A new device developed in partnership with Clarkson University’s Shipley Center for Innovation is working to relieve foot and heel pain along with plantar fasciitis.

Andrew Jennings and his new device, the FootRest Pillow


Lowville, NY native Andrew Jennings had been suffering from pain due to plantar fasciitis. After trying a number of things to ease his suffering, Jennings decided to make his own foot pillow to use at night. It ended up working. After talking to others, many people asked Jennings if he could make more. “Based on their positive feedback, I saw an opportunity to bring relief to many people who suffer from foot and heel pain,” said Jennings. So the FootRest Pillow was born.

Jennings took his device to the Shipley Center for their expert help in launching his new product. “I knew that I needed help with brand development, incorporation and patenting,” he said. And the Shipley Center did just that. “They focused on the nuts and bolts of stimulating and encouraging innovation,” said Jennings. The Shipley Center was able to help Jennings submit necessary documents, guide him in developing the FootRest Pillow, research to find competing products, and determine the market size. “Only the creative spirit can birth ideas, but you need guidance to raise them to full potential,” Jennings said.

“This product is innovative and helps solve a problem for thousands of people. We’re proud to aid in its development,” said Ashley Sweeney, Associate Director of the Shipley Center.

Jennings hopes to bring the FootRest Pillow to a national market level. Currently, the FootRest Pillow is available at Kinney Drugs in New York and Vermont, and by contacting Jennings through his website,

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