Clarkson University to participate in Global Women’s Breakfast Next February

Empowering Women in Chemistry: A Global Networking Event

The women of Clarkson University’s Chemistry Graduate Program will participate in the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) special breakfast entitled, “Empowering Women in Chemistry: A Global Networking Event”. The Global Women’s Breakfast is expected to assist women chemists in expanding their network of contacts, informing each other about their career progress, and exploring opportunities for careers in research, education, government, industry, and other fields.

IUPAC will launch the event in New Zealand on the morning of February 12, 2019, and progress through the Asia-Pacific region into Europe, Africa and finally onto the American region including Clarkson University (local event time 9 AM – 12 PM). The global map of registered breakfast events on the IUPAC100 website will be used along with social media to track the progress of events in real time around the world with the final events occurring in the Pacific region

“The Clarkson event will host prominent women chemists and chemistry professionals in our area who hold distinguished positions in academia, industry, education or other fields, who will share their experience with high school students, college students, scientists, faculty and staff from Clarkson and the surrounding universities. Several networking activities are planned to engage the audience,” says Fatima Mustafa, a chemistry graduate student who is organizing the event together with a group of students and faculty at Clarkson.  The society for women in engineering (SWE) is also collaborating in the organization of this event, and will actively participate with the design of a chemistry-oriented experiment for high school students visiting the campus during the event. Clarkson’s breakfast meeting will post a short video during their event to Twitter@Potsdam_GWB.  Women chemists and chemistry students in the area are strongly encouraged to attend.

Professor Silvana Andreescu, the Egon Matijević Endowed Chair of Chemistry, has organized the Clarkson Graduate Women’s Mentoring and Support Group and with the support of Professor Susan Bailey (Biochemistry & Biotechnology) and Physics Professor Dhara Trivedi will assist the students in hosting this event and encourage participation in future events for women in the arts and sciences. The Women’s Association of Graduate Students (WAGS) in the School of Arts and Science at Clarkson is hosting regular mentoring lunches featuring inspirational women in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, who can serve as mentors and role models for graduate students, encouraging and promoting their professional development and motivating them to apply for advanced careers once they graduate.

Individuals who would like to participate are encouraged to RSVP by contacting: or

There is no cost for participation. Breakfast will be offered.

For more information:

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