Important Student Employment Information

Have you gotten a new job on campus? Have you filled out your hiring paperwork? If not here is what you need to do!

Beginning Wednesday, September 4, Payroll Office staff will be set up in the Clarkson Ignite, Innovation Hub on the 1st floor of the ERC to accept these forms and assist with the required hiring paperwork during the months of September and January at the following times:

Tuesday 11am-1pm

Wednesday 9am-11am

Thursday 11am- 1pm

Friday 9am- 11am

To make an appointment for another time please email .  During all other months, the form should be brought to the Payroll Office (110 Graham Hall) during the above hours or via an appointment. Bring the completed NYS Wage Rate form given to you by your hiring manager. All newly hired students (never worked for Clarkson University) will have to complete an I-9 (this is a required Federal Form), and a hiring packet. The I-9 requires following documents:

Required Identity Documentation for I-9 Processing:

A.      Passport or Passport Card (by itself is acceptable)  OR 

B.      If the student does not own a Passport or Passport Card, then 2 forms of I.D. will be needed. These are some of the other acceptable ID:

1)      Original Social security card (not a copy) and photo ID (Student ID or Driver License) OR

2)      Original Birth certificate (not a copy) and photo ID (Student ID or Driver License)

Once the student has completed all required paperwork they will be given student employment authorization form that will be returned to the hiring department.

Students CANNOT start work until his or her Payroll paperwork is completed and they have been given a student employment authorization form.

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