Student Hiring Announcement

This process will begin Wednesday, September 4th

The Payroll Office will now be handling all paperwork for student employment onboarding.

The following are instructions on hiring student employees. Please review these instructions prior to hiring any student workers.

New Student Hires

Students who have never worked at Clarkson University or left the University for more than a semester. Fill out  NYS Department of Labor Form, please make sure to include an hourly rate of pay and an overtime rate. This form can be found on our website .

The Payroll Office will be set up in the Clarkson Ignite, Innovation Hub on the 1st floor of the ERC to accept these forms and assist with the required hiring paperwork during the months of September and January at the following times:

Tuesday 11am-1pm

Wednesday 9am-11am

Thursday 11am- 1pm

Friday 9am- 11am

If the student is unavailable during these hours appointments should be requested by emailing . During all other months, the form should be brought to the Payroll Office during the above hours or via an appointment. The students will be given a hiring packet to fill out. Please be sure to let students know they will have to complete an I-9 (this is a required Federal Form) and will need the following documents:

Required Identity Documentation for I-9 Processing:

A.      Passport or Passport Card (by itself is acceptable)  OR 

B.      If the student does not own a Passport or Passport Card, then 2 forms of I.D. will be needed.

1)      Original Social security card (not a copy) and photo ID (Student ID or Driver License) OR

2)      Original Birth certificate (not a copy) and photo ID (Student ID or Driver License)

Once the student has completed all required paperwork they will be given a student employment authorization form that will be returned to the hiring department.

Do not give a start date until you receive this form back.

Instructions for hiring students in E-time can be found on the HR/Payroll Intranet site under Payroll Forms and Guides “How to Hire Students in E-Time” for questions please email .

Continuing Student Hires

These are students who have previously worked at Clarkson, did not have a break in their attendance and are working in your department for the first time.

·         NYS Department of Labor Form – This form must be completed by the Employer and the Student Worker prior to working. The Student Employee can take this completed form directly to payroll. No other paperwork or I.D. is needed.

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