All classes are held in the back room of the fitness center.

Please bring your Clarkson ID and a change of shoes to enter.

Classes are free to Clarkson students!

All sign-ups are on the day of class. 1st 20 students to enter are in. Sign-ups are every class time with the class instructor. Space is limited.



Instructor:  Len Mackey, 8 weeks, Start date September 17th

Tuesday & Thursday, 6-7pm

5 Reasons Yoga is good for college students… 1) Improve concentration 2) Relax & De-stress 3) Leave the world & worries behind (even if just for a little while) 4) Become a better student, practicing listening skills, concentration & focus 5) Improve body image, using bodyweight resistance for improving core & total body strength.


Instructor:  Kate Derouchie, Start date September 9th, Fall semester

Monday 6-7pm

Strong by Zumba is a class where every squat, every lunge, every push-up is driven by pumped-up music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more. This is not a dance class, but the high energy music synchronized with bodyweight exercises will keep you moving. This is a class for all fitness levels.


Wednesday: 8-9pm, Thursday: 9-10pm, Sunday 7-8pm, Fall semester

Goldie’s dance team is a hip hop and jazz performing group. We dance at sporting events, school events, and fundraise.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8-9pm, Fall semester

This class is for all levels and will consist of all parts of martial arts over the semester. This is for anyone looking to continue any past training or for anyone who wants a more entertaining way to exercise.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9-10pm, Fall semester

Student choreographed performances and dance classes. Modern, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, ballet, tap, and more! For the experienced as well as those eager to learn! It’s great leadership and team work experience, as well as being fun!


Instructor: Leslie Russek

 Saturday 3-5pm, Sunday- 3-4pm, Fall semester

Aikido is a Japanese martial art which was founded on the principles of harmony and non-resistance. It is a very effective way of self -defense, which does not rely on size or physical strength. 


Instructor: Len Mackey, 8 weeks, Start date Septermber 17th

Tuesday & Thursday: 7-8pm

Want to get in the best shape of your life? Want to tone and strengthen
your entire body, focus your mind to push beyond your personal best?

Join us and go beyond what you thought was possible. This is real training.

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