CUSA Budget Request Forms


If you want a budget next year, you need to submit the Budget Request Form (attached below). Simply make a copy and rename it for your club, fill out the sheets, and share it with (CUSA Treasurer). 

These are due March 13th!! Yes, that is FRIDAY

The clubs that submit a budget request form must attend a budget hearing during the weeks of March 23rd, or March 30th. The excel sheet to sign up for budget hearings is at the bottom of this email (Date and Time). 

If you remove a club from a time-slot so that you can have a preferable one, your budget will be affected. Do not do that. There are plenty of slots and only your treasurer or president have to attend (more can if they want). 

 CUSA 2020-2021 Budget Request Form
 Signup Sheet for Budget Hearings

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