A Message to Graduate Students from Provost Hannigan

Dear Graduate Students,
Given the recent announcements from New York State, we know many graduate students may have new family needs and other issues that have arisen over the weekend. Therefore, we encourage anyone that needs time to adjust schedules to take Monday off to plan accordingly.  Please inform your graduate mentor and/or the instructor for whom you are a TA to let them know your plans.

In addition, we wanted to be sure you were aware of the following:

1.       All graduate classes will be offered on-line.  Regardless of academic program, all classes will be held via distance.

2.       Students in the Health Sciences and MAT program should communicate directly with their department chair and faculty as there are some instructional activities that must be held in person.  When scheduled these activities will be done following social distancing recommendations minimizing attendance.

3.       The CRC and Beacon campuses are temporarily closed and all staff will work from home until the community is notified otherwise.  Students will still be able to reach staff and faculty via phone and/or email.  Students on these campuses should work with their faculty for additional guidance.

4.        The Potsdam campus remains open though we are following social distancing rules. 

a.       While classes will transition to online, teaching assistants will support learning via distance and should communicate directly with their instructor regarding instructional support needs.

b.       Graduate students in research programs are encouraged to maintain forward momentum in their research and to come to campus, following social distancing best practices, to complete work in the lab.  Students who need accommodations (e.g., underlying medical issue, etc.) should notify the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean will work with the student and faculty research mentor to develop a work plan that will support off-campus research work.   Faculty and students should work collaboratively to ensure the health of their laboratory group and proceed with plans that allow for, but do not necessarily require, on-campus research activity.

Robyn E. Hannigan, Provost

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