COVID-19: Athletic Closures

With new directives from New York State closing all gyms/fitness facilities due to COVID-19 and National, State and University guidance, the Athletic Department will be closing all athletic facilities until further notice.  

We understand that for many this will be a hardship, however, in an effort to help the Clarkson Community stay physically active during this time, the Athletic Department will be developing a webpage with alternate activities that will adhere to social distancing guidelines.  

If you have essential belongings in lockers at the IRC/Fitness Center please contact Kelly Norman at 315-268-3768 or Marjorie Meashaw at 315-268-6622, or e-mail to schedule a time to pick up your items. 

The University has already implemented a social distancing policy for our employees and students — please work with us in ensuring the health and safety of everyone. 

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