Information for Students Who Are Living On-Campus During State of Emergency

We are under a series of stringent New York State directives to reduce the density of our environments and comply with mandates to protect the health and well-being of the larger community.  Only students who have been approved by Residence Life based on their personal extenuating circumstances to live on campus should be in the residence halls until further notice. This information summarizes all current directives we have been given.  


I. Students living on campus receiving online instruction. 
II. Students who are sick
III. If a student is tested positive for COVID-19

Students Living on campus receiving online instruction

Clarkson will have minimal students living in residence hall rooms/apartments as of March 23 based on extenuating circumstances.  This does not include students who live locally and in off-campus apartments.  If you have not been approved to live on campus, you should not be in campus housing until further notice.
b. Students are not permitted to cohabitate on-campus unless originally housed together.  

c. St. Lawrence County Public Health has directed that any student who left St. Lawrence County during break must self-isolate for 14 days.   Residence Life will arrange for meals to be brought to your room.

d. Starting Monday, March 23 any student residents who leave St. Lawrence County will not be permitted to return to campus. St. Lawrence County Public Health has directed us to cease all non-essential travel in the county.  This may become more stringent if there are any confirmed cases locally. 

e. All in-person meetings have been suspended and social distancing policy has been distributed and posted widely both electronically and physically.  To speak with a campus official, use Zoom, email, or phone. 

f. The University has instituted a policy of no visitors consistent with the County directives.

g. The Student Center Servery in the Student Union is currently open daily 9:00am-6:00pm. for students to pick up to-go meals.  (Students in isolation will have meals delivered.) 

h. If students are in need of any other assistance, they are to call the Area Coordinator on call at (315)742-2529. In the event of an emergency, they call Campus Safety & Security at (315)268-6666. 

i. The University reserves the right to remove approval to stay on campus for violations of the Code of Student Conduct.  

II. Students who are sick

a. The Student Health Center is open by calling in advance for an appointment, 315-268-6633.  There are no walk-ins until further notice.  

b. Students experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 will get further guidance from the Health Center staff before an appointment or alternative course of action is made.

c. Outside of normal business hours, students are instructed to contact Clarkson Campus Safety at 315-268-6666 who will identify the appropriate responder.

III.  Students who test positive

a. We will follow all NYS and local public health directives.

b. A student who tests positive would be turned over to the hospital and public health system for the next steps.

Disclaimer:  Directives from the New York State Department of Health, St. Lawrence County Public Health,  the Department of Education, the Department of State and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention will take precedent over information provided here. All information is subject to change based on the rapid evolution of COVID-19 information and the appropriate response needed. 

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