Telehealth Services Available to You

As the Clarkson community and many of our friends, family and neighbors are now in the third week of social distancing and we all adapt to federal, state and local directives for work and home life, there are several confidential resources to help you, your family and friends navigate these new challenges.  

For employees, Clarkson University’s insurance has telehealth wellness services to help you cope with some of these changes. Traci Giffin ( in Human Resources can help you make confidential connections with them.

Students can call the Student Health and Counseling Center at 315-268-6633,  and they will provide support available and/or direct you to other resources.

Counselors in our Student Health Center also shared this link to the NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide, which has a lot of great information from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. You can find information on things like health insurance questions, financial assistance programs, working from home and finding a routine. 

For all New Yorkers, New York State has opened a mental health hotline, 1-844-863-9314, where you can get free emotional support, consultations, and other resources.  

And you can access a collection of free guided meditations, along with at-home mindfulness exercises and additional resources to help address rising stress and anxiety. Visit

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