Final Exams Spring 202

The following applies to all courses on the Semester Calendar:

Spring semester 2020 final exams are scheduled May 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12, 2020.  Also, please note that Monday and Tuesday, May 4-5 are noted “Reading Days” and no exams of any kind may be given on those days.

In the event of a delay or interruption in the final exam due to unforeseen circumstances such as technological issues or an emergency situation, the faculty member or instructional staff should communicate as quickly and succinctly as possible the plans for making up or rescheduling the exam.  If the Faculty/Instructional staff desires, the exam may be rescheduled Saturday, May 9th, or Wednesday May 13th, during a reasonable, non-restricted time slot.  Faculty are also encouraged to use these alternate times when necessary, to offer to students in need of exam accommodations arranged through the Office of AccessAbility Services.

The grades will continue to be submitted in PeopleSoft by 9:00am on May 15. 

The intent of the next sections is to provide additional information about final exams from the Registrar, The Teaching and Learning Corner and, The Office of AccessAbility Services:

Registrar’s Office

The final exam schedule has been uploaded to your Faculty Center in myCU. If the schedule is incorrect, or you are no longer giving the exam, please contact the Registrar’s office at as soon as possible so the schedule may be corrected.  Please let us know if you are no longer giving an exam so we can remove the time slot from the schedule.

Teaching & Learning Corner 

The TLC encourages faculty to post contact information in Moodle along with exam instructions in the event students have questions or need technical support during their exam event. Sample post.

TLC is here to help faculty: 

Office of AccessAbility Services

In recognition of upcoming final exams, OAS would like to inform faculty of possible concerns that may arise for students with accommodations. These concerns are typically mitigated by OAS to ease the burden on faculty, but unfortunately our typical processes are not possible under our current instruction modality. To see which students have exam accommodations, please review the email from with the subject line “OAS COVID Response For Faculty.” Faculty with myCU query access can obtain this information from the query named CU_ACC_INSTRUCTOR_NOTIF_SS. Questions or concerns regarding how to address these situations should be directed to

  • There are several potential concerns for students with extended time exam accommodations. Faculty will need to override the time for these students to be 2x the regular exam time (i.e. 6 hours for a typically 3 hour exam).
    • Students may take up to two exams on any given final exam day, since this equates to 12 hours of exams.
    • Students with back-to-back exams on their myCU exam schedule will need one of their exams rescheduled. Students are responsible for notifying instructors of these conflicts.
    • Exams which are scheduled for 7pm must be manually adjusted to 5pm or another mutually agreed upon time. This allows students to finish their exam by 11pm rather than 1am.
    • Students and their instructors should agree upon a new date/time if a reschedule is needed. The Academic Regulations (III-H-4) state the priority for exam conflicts.
  • Students whose disability relates to mental health are likely to experience heightened anxiety during exams which have timed individual questions and/or do not permit forward/backward navigation between questions.
  • Students whose disability relates to too much screen time (ex: chronic migraine, concussion, etc.) may be unable to complete exams online. An alternate option could be that students write their answers on a sheet of paper and email pictures of those responses to the instructor. Students and instructors should agree upon a method in advance if possible, but students may need to make adjustments immediately if they experience a related illness.

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