Selma Mededovic Thagard Receives Promotion to Professor at Clarkson University

Clarkson University President Tony Collins has announced that Selma Mededovic Thagard has been promoted from associate professor to professor of chemical & biomolecular engineering in the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering. Promotion to professor is considered to be virtually the highest honor that a university can bestow upon its faculty.

Selma Mededovic Thagard

Thagard’s area of expertise is in electrical discharge plasma processes with a focus on theoretical and experimental investigations of fundamental plasma chemistry in single and multiphase plasma environments. Her research interests include non-thermal plasma for air and wastewater treatment, plasma chemistry, and mathematical modeling of electrical discharges in gases and liquids. Her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Defense, Global Foundries, Semiconductor Research Corporation, NY Pollution Prevention Institute, Environmental Research & Education Foundation, and United States Air Force. She has presented over 40 conference presentations and made over 30 invited lectures at universities and conferences throughout the world. Thagard has co-authored >40 articles in refereed journals, written four book chapters, and holds two patents.

In 2016, Thagard was awarded the John W. Graham Jr. Faculty Research Award during the University’s commencement ceremony. She is also the recipient of the Tau Beta Pi Faculty Award, Phalanx Commendable Leadership Award, Pi Tau Sigma Teaching Award, NSF BRIGE award, Kristin Craig Memorial Faculty Award, and the Omega Chi Epsilon “Professor of the Year” award. In 2019, she was inducted into the Clarkson’s Million Dollar Club.

Thagard received her bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Zagreb in Croatia and her Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Florida State University. Before coming to Clarkson, she held post-doctoral appointments at Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan and at Colorado State University.

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