Downtown Campus Reopening Message

Dear Downtown Campus Community,

As we work to reopen according to the guidelines set by the state, we wanted to address some details of the reopening process as they pertain specifically to the Downtown Campus. Please keep in mind, this situation is continuously evolving and some of the information below may change as we move forward.

Checking In

Due to the distributed nature of the buildings in the downtown area, there is no central check-in for those who will be using these facilities. All employees who will be returning to Old Main, Clarkson Hall, Peyton Hall, or the facilities building must be trained, masked, and approved for return to campus just as with any other employee. All employees must go through a screening before and at the end of their time on campus.

Gathering Spaces

Much of the furniture in the common area near the library in Clarkson Hall has been removed to comply with guidelines on limiting public gatherings and for use in temporary classroom settings. We ask that those working or learning in the downtown campus area avoid gathering in common spaces within the buildings.

Outside, picnic tables will be set up to allow students, faculty and staff to have an area to eat or work. These tables will be spaced adequately to comply with social distancing guidelines. A cleaning protocol is in place to ensure these areas are safe.

Downtown Library Space

The library’s instructional computer lab will be subject to the 50% capacity reduction and masking requirements as with all other spaces on campus when social distancing is not possible. We will be working with the library staff to reconfigure or redistribute these resources in a way that allows for full usage of the computers.

The rehabilitation materials available in the library will still be accessible for community members. When campus visitors come to check out items, all proper safety measures, including wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent disinfections, should be observed. When possible, items should be delivered to a visitor outside of the building to limit the foot traffic within the facilities. 

More information will be provided as it becomes available and as other questions arise. In general, please be mindful of social distancing practices, and be courteous to others as you move about the facilities to provide the safest environment possible for your fellow Clarkson community members.

Restart Task Force

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