Message from the Office of the Provost and Human Resources – Link to HR form and additional guidance on Fall 2020 teaching accommodation

As noted in the memos accompanying and preceding the distribution of the Fall 2020 draft schedule, courses were re-scheduled and re-roomed to accommodate reductions in classroom density, the shortening of the Fall semester, and the need to space out classes to allow room air to be fully refreshed. 

Appreciating that our students are coming in fall to a residential learning experience on the Potsdam campus and that they are doing so because of the face to face instruction and experiential learning Clarkson offers, most classes were scheduled in person with some adjustments such as split/hybrid/flipped (note – TLC is putting together a website that explains all of these permutations in detail).  We are doing, and will continue to do, all that we can to ensure the safety and health of our community as we reopen as a residential campus in Potsdam this Fall. 

Clarkson is following all public health guidance and the recommendations of our internal science advisory team, the CICU advisory team, inputs from Canton Potsdam Hospital, and many others. We understand that not all of our faculty will be able to return to in person teaching in the Fall.  Teaching is but one component of faculty responsibilities (see OM section 5.2; 

As chairs and associate deans work with faculty to balance workloads and adapt the course schedule for their unit to best serve the learning objectives of courses and meet the expectations of the students, requests for accommodations in Fall 2020 to not teach in person and/or work remotely will be processed by Human Resources.  To make this process easier, HR has created an online form (  

Faculty should inform their Chair/Associate dean that they will be seeking an accommodation and submit this form as soon as possible.
We apologize that the form was not ready in time for distribution of the schedule.  Should you have any questions regarding the accommodations process please contact Traci Giffin ( 

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