Restart Resources for Employees and Managers

Human Resources and Environmental Health & Safety want to continue to offer you the resources you need to help your staff return to work safely and in accordance with New York State guidelines.  With the many new ways we need to conduct business this fall, all managers need to read the material at the links below and engage in ongoing dialogue with their direct reports about how directives and guidance apply to each area of the University. 

Most importantly, no employee can return to work without a conversation that takes place between them and their direct supervisor, with subsequent approval by Human Resources on the plan. Follow this link to the Managers Guide for bringing employees back to work. This link will also take you to the guidelines that have been established for all returning employees:   

In addition to the  daily health screening form before coming in to work, employees will now be required to fill out an exit form when they leave campus to further support rapid contact tracing if needed. Both the entry and exit forms can be found under the Quick link tab “COVID-19 Screenings” on the intranet home page or by using the link below:

You will also find Frequently Asked Question resources:

If you have any questions, please direct them to Human Resources at

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