Restart: Reporting COVID-19 Workplace & Community Issues / Travel Advisory

NYS Emergency Rule on Wearing Masks

The New York State Department of Health has issued an emergency rule, effective July 9, that addresses the enforcement of several “social distancing” measures including an explicit, enforceable requirement on all building owners and operators that reads:

  • Business operators and building owners, and those authorized on their behalf shall deny admittance to any person who fails to comply with this section [requiring face-coverings] and shall require or compel such persons’ removal
  • The rule does specify that any individual violating any provision of this rule is subject to civil penalty up to $1,000 per violation, while businesses are subject to civil penalties specified in statute, up to $2,000 per day of violation.
  • Read the Full Emergency Rule at this link

Concerns about Clarkson community members not following COVID -19 University Policy or New York State rules can be made to Human Resources confidentially at

You may also file social distancing, mask and PPE concerns directly with New York State:

File a complaint against your employer or place of work.

File a complaint about a business, location or incident in your community.

You may also call the NYS hotline at 1-833-789-0470.

NYS Mandated Travel Advisory (Applies to both work & non-work travel)

In response to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission in certain states within the United States, and to protect New York’s successful containment of COVID-19, the State has joined with New Jersey and Connecticut in jointly issuing a travel advisory for anyone returning from travel to states that have a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19. If you have traveled from within one of the designated states with significant community spread, you must quarantine when you enter New York for 14 days from the last travel within such designated state, provided on the date you enter into New York State that such state met the criteria for requiring such quarantine.  The requirements of the travel advisory do not apply to any individual passing through designated states for a limited duration (i.e., less than 24 hours) through the course of travel.

To file a report of an individual failing to adhere to the quarantine pursuant to the NYS travel advisory click here or call 1-833-789-0470.

At least through December 2020, University-Funded Travel, both international and domestic, is restricted until further notice (this includes travel within allowed or open regions within NYS) and should not be planned or scheduled at this time. This applies to all community members—faculty and staff, postdoctoral fellows, and other academics. We encourage you to explore creative options for alternative study, research, work, and collaboration. The University recognizes that due to business/research needs some travel may be required. If you believe that you MUST travel – ALL University-funded travel needs to be approved by your Head of School and/ or Head of a Unit and the Chief Human Resource Officer & Deputy Chief Inclusion Officer, and Sponsored Research Services if sponsored research funded prior to booking or scheduling travel arrangements via the Travel Authorization form. Employees are required to complete the Travel Authorization (TA) form below prior to any travel plans being made. The TA form can be found at:

Employees who travel outside of New York State, or have a member of their household who does, are also required to self-quarantine for 14 days.  To read Clarkson’s interim policy on travel during COVID-19, please go to this link.

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