Clarkson Esports Invites You to Join Discord

Clarkson Esports is a place where you can meet up with current Clarkson students and enjoy esports titles.  All skill-levels are welcome, the only requirement is to try a game. Clarkson Esports E-board understands that this is a difficult time to meet new people, and we hope this can be a great way to make introductions. We have a growing casual playerbase, so don’t feel scared to try out a game for the first time.

The link to our discord is:

^ Make sure to select your affiliation in #important and the games you play in #role-select.

If you actively play esports titles, please come to one of our meetings (most likely on discord at this time) for information on teams and leagues.

If you need help getting setup on discord please contact or BVH#8955.

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