Fall Semester Potsdam Hill Campus DRAFT Indoor Traffic Pattern Maps out for Review

Clarkson community members, the Facilities/ Infrastructure Task Force of the Clarkson Restart team has been working hard to prepare for the start of the upcoming semester.  In order to comply with New York State guidelines and to promote social distancing, the university is establishing distinct limited indoor pedestrian traffic patterns for major corridors of the academic/activity core of the Potsdam Hill campus.  Major corridors will have one-way traffic, certain doorways will be “in only” or “out only” (except in a building evacuation situation), there will be designated “pedestrian roundabouts”, stairs will be designated as “up only” or “down only” (except for evacuation), and so forth.  In some locations, one-way traffic is not possible and these illustrations are not intended to show every traffic pattern within these buildings, but to account for the high traffic areas.  Finally, those with accommodation needs will be given a blanket exemption, as required, given the limits of elevators and other factors.

In order to illustrate and communicate the plans for these changes, a group in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has been working with the task force to produce maps for these new traffic patterns.  We are providing these DRAFT versions to the Clarkson community for awareness and comment.  These maps come in two forms:
1) PDF static maps that can be found at this location:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KHEdmRS77wBFUNaC4LCbxV153neQwD4G
2) An interactive web interface:  https://arcg.is/0izi4u0

If you have comments or questions about these plans, please email cee@clarkson.edu.  Feedback is appreciated by noon on Monday, 3 August 2020.

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