Student Absences Likely First Week of Classes, Addressing Student Social Clarkson Commitment Violations

Purpose of Communication:  To support faculty to manage student absences and student social contract violation reporting

Action: Be Alert, Be Appropriately Caring, Be Vigilant

Faculty and Course Instructors,

You may experience student absences on the first few days of in-person classes.  In the event students cannot provide proof of their COVID-19 negative test results in time to move into their campus residence and attend in-person classes, they will not be allowed on campus.

Students will be reminded to contact their instructors if delayed.

Additionally, as noted in previous communications all students are required to sign the Clarkson Commitment. This document details the social contract for students requiring masks, distancing and requirements to follow all safety and health guidelines.  If instructors find they have a student in their class or outside of class who, violates the Clarkson Commitment, they should ask the student to comply.  When in the classroom, if the student does not have a mask or does not then comply with the request, you should ask the student to leave the classroom. This approach of students being required to be masked when in class and, if they are not, that the instructor will require that they leave the classroom, should also appear in the syllabus. If after a warning the student continues to violate the compact, the instructor should file a notice of violation via the Safety Net Reporting Form.

We understand that some instructors may not feel comfortable directly addressing a student or other member of the Clarkson Community regarding compliance with distancing and mask wearing policies.  We ask that instructors be diligent in protecting all students in the classroom by not allowing any student who is not masked to remain in the class.  We realize this may be uncomfortable but it is absolutely necessary.  In other settings, if you observe non-compliance by any member of our community we ask that you also demonstrate leadership and ask the individual to comply.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.



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