University & Kinder Academy to Offer Special Program for Full-time Employees who Need Childcare

Clarkson has entered into a relationship with Kinder Academy for University employees to access childcare at affordable rates.  We recognize the challenges working families and guardians have for daycare in the local area, especially during these uncertain times. 

Please see the attached flyer on Kinder Academy, which offers infant care and a full academic curriculum in a nurturing environment for all ages. Children will enjoy fun and festive daily activities in an academic learning facility fully-equipped for onsite and online learning. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided. 

Through this relationship with Kinder Academy, Clarkson has secured the discounted rates below to assist our families and will further supplement these rates based on an employee’s annual salary range. 

Base rates for childcare services: 

  • Infant Care (6wks-18 months)- $190 per week
  • Toddler Care (18 months-36mos)-$185 per week
  • Preschool Care (3yrs-5yrs)- $175 per week
  • K-12 before + after school care- $110 per week
  • K-12 Full day (vacations)- $165 per week
  • K-12 before school- $55
  • K-12 after school-$80
  • Part-time Care Snow days random days- $40

Additional financial support to reduce these costs at Kinder Academy is based on the annual salary of regular full-time employees as shown below.  For employees who share daycare responsibilities with a partner/other who both work at Clarkson, the higher annual salary will determine the additional discount. 

Type of Care/ Additional ReductionSalary Less than $35KSalary $35K-50KSalary $50K-75K
Infant Care (6wks-18 months)$25 per week$20 per week$15 per week
Toddler Care (18 months-36mos)$20 per week$15 per week$15 per week
Preschool Care (3yrs-5yrs)$20 per week$15 per week$15 per week
K-12 before +after school care$20 per week$15 per week$15 per week
K-12 before school$10 per week$10 per week$10 per week

For more information on daycare services and hours, please contact Kinder Academy directly at (315) 274-9600,  For more information on accessing the HR benefits of additional financial support for services at Kinder Academy, please contact

We will continue to look at this program and make further changes as appropriate and needed.

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