What to do if your negative COVID-19 test result is not back yet?

Dear Students & Families:

As we start the semester, we know that some students and families are currently waiting for their COVID-19 test results. We realize this creates anxiousness and frustration. The Clarkson Community is fully aware that some students may arrive a few days into the semester as a result of some labs/test centers taking longer to process and review results.  Your faculty and peers understand and are ready to accommodate you.   

Please complete the following delayed/late arrival form:  https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?ClarksonUniv&layout_id=125Do not come to campus to move in or start classes without getting your negative test result uploaded and approved.  Please write an email note to your professors if you will be delayed and let them know you will attend virtually until you are cleared to come to campus. 

Again, we know that many students will arrive a few days from now and this is okay. Please upload your test results to MyCU (checklist) on PeopleSoft. The Health Center will review and send you a notice of clearance status. 

All of our testing protocols have been developed with St. Lawrence Health Systems and St. Lawrence County Public Health.  These are in place to ensure that we begin the semester healthy and safe. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to your arrival. Questions may be directed to studentaffairs@clarkson.edu.

Thank you,

Student Affairs

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