Temporary Program to Assist with Fall Transitions

Clarkson Employees,

During these challenging times, we are juggling many different needs within our family units. Clarkson recognizes the importance of balancing these needs and your professional life while continuing to adjust to accommodate the new ‘normal’ that we are all facing at this time.

With the announcement of NY State plans for K-12 schools to open in September, Clarkson acknowledges and understands that each school district has its own plan on how the school days will be structured. We also understand that  your family unit may have other needs  during this time and it is important for you to be able to assist with those needs.

Clarkson is amending the current volunteer program into a new temporary program to allow employees the flexibility to use up to five hours a week to assist your children while they transition into this school year and to assist with continuing care of other family member needs such as doctors’ appointments, or grocery shopping for immediate family members. This will be paid time off and applies to exempt and non-exempt employees*. You will need to provide notification to your supervisor. For non-exempt employees you will  submit the hours through Kronos. This would mean you work 32.5 hours (on campus or remotely) and 5 hours ‘focusing on family needs’ and you will be paid for 37.5 hours bi-weekly.  Please be mindful, this will effect overtime as 5 hours will not be used in the hours worked calculation.

Available from 9/8/2020 – 12/31/2020.

If you would like to access this program, please complete the below form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bmbVvPgLy178bJU0DYDU5qbIU3I3KHBDFuWB2CFSqsg/edit?ts=5f36e68c

If you have questions, please call the Human Resources office at ext. 2222 or email clarksonhr@clarkson.edu and copy tgiffin@clarkson.edu.

*This excludes employees that are currently covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Clarkson is working with the representative for bargaining unit employees to provide this benefit.

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