Follow up Gym Announcement

The Steve Yianoukos Fitness Center at Cheel

and the Deneka Fitness Center at the IRC are Now Open

To Current Students, Faculty and Staff Only

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clarkson University Fitness Centers will be operating under the interim guidance for gyms & fitness centers provided by the New York State Department of Health. This means we will be operating at 33% capacity and will be open only to our current students, faculty and staff.

Each of you should have received an e-mail yesterday with the subject line “Clarkson University has invited you to register for self service”.  Please do the following, in order to reserve your appointment block to work out:

  1. Accept the invitation in the e-mail that was sent
  2. Register 
  3. Once you have registered you can login
  4. Then select “Book Sessions”
  5. Select the session you would like (ie. Deneka weights, Deneka Cardio, or Yianoukos)  and the time
  6. A screen will pop up and then select “book”.  


  1. Q.  How many appointment blocks can I sign up for?
    A. You are able to sign up for 7 separate appointment blocks per week for each facility. The pool is the only facility with 5 reservation blocks because it is not open on the weekends.
  2. Q. Can I book a month at a time?
    A. No, you are only allowed to book a week at a time.
  3. Q. What happens if an appointment block is full that I want?
    A.   Your name will be added to a waitlist and if someone cancels the next person on the waitlist is notified that there is a vacancy.
  4. Q. What happens if I book an appointment and something comes up and I can’t make it?
    A. You can cancel anytime, up to an hour before your appointment block.
  5. Q. What happens if I cancel less than an hour before my appointment block?
    A. Your name will be tagged as a late cancel and too many late cancels may cause a suspension of your ability to use the facilities for a duration of time.
  6. Q.  Are family members allowed to join me?
    A. No, at this time it is current students, faculty and staff only.
  7. Q. Is there an app available that I can download to my phone?
    A. Yes,  After you create your account you can download the  MemberMe+ app, search for Clarkson University in the “Search Club” search bar and use the app to make reservations.
  8. Q. Do I really need to wear a mask when working out?
    A. Yes, For individuals who are unable to medically tolerate an acceptable face covering, those individuals must wear a face shield at all times.
    1. Bandanas, buffs, vented/valved masks and gaiters are not acceptable face coverings for use in gyms and fitness center.
    2. You will not be permitted into the facilities if you aren’t wearing acceptable face coverings 

  9.   Q. What are the major requirements for entry into the facility?

  • Must have a reservation
    1. No Walk-ins
    2. Must check-in/out
  • Must answer COVID screening questions
  • Must have Clarkson ID
  • Must come dressed with a change of shoes
  • Must follow all rules and posted signage
    1. 6ft social distancing, directional traffic, cleaning, etc
  • No locker room access
  • No water fountains
    1. Only bottle refill stations are open

10. Q.  Who should I contact with further questions?
A. Please e-mail, or call Kelly Norman at 315-268-3768

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