Moving to Stage 2 in Our Reopening Plan

Clarkson Community,

Thank you for working together to keep our University and greater community safe and healthy.  By following our reopening plans, we have been able to identify and contain COVID-19 cases.  Please maintain your diligence to follow the ongoing protocols put in place, like wearing a face mask over your nose and mouth, to protect you and your community.  

Per our earlier communication on reopening in stages and policies for non-essential gatherings, events and group activities, we are moving to Stage 2 effective today, Tuesday, September 8.

While we still encourage virtual events and meetings, during Stage 2 most clubs and organizations can also begin in-person gatherings of no more than 10 people. In summary: 

  • Clubs and organizations should use the event registration form on Knight Life to request to reserve appropropriate space. Inclusion of faculty and staff advisors at events is encouraged. 
  • Intramurals for cornhole, spikeball, ping pong, tennis, golf, Kan Jam, E-games, and Longest Drive Contest will begin ASAP with more to come in the coming weeks as we prepare to enter the next stages of reopening.  More information to come on reserving equipment and locations. 
  • Fuller Pool swimming lanes have been added to the EZFacilities app for reservations. 
  • Club sports can begin to build their safety plans in accordance with NYS Interim Guidance for Sports & Recreation for future Clarkson stages. Some low-risk recreation activities with an approved safety plan may begin in Stage 2.  Informational sessions for club sport leaders and members will be held during the week of 9/14 and will be coordinated through the Office of Student Life.  
  • Club and organization tabling can begin Monday-Friday outside from 9am to 4pm. Students must reserve a table by following the event registration process on Knight Life.
  • Fraternities and sororities whose local or national chapter guidelines allow for the entirety of the active membership to enter the chapter facility may do so, so long as they are current in-person students who have signed the Clarkson Commitment and are part of the University’s COVID-19 testing regimen.  
  • Refer to for more detailed information.

Employees will continue to have no in-person school or department-based meetings or gatherings without approval from  

Clarkson University has a great outdoor setting with lots of opportunities for students to stay active beyond clubs and organizations.   Students are encouraged to hike, kayak, run, walk, rollerblade, and bike to name a few activities. Students are expected to wear masks while playing lawn games or other outdoor activities if proper social social distancing cannot be maintained. Wash your hands before and after, and use hand sanitizer.  

The Institute for a Sustainable Environment will be sending out a notice later this week about outdoor activities and service learning experiences that will start this weekend on a variety of community-based sustainability projects.  

Student Work Study in some offices where remote work was not possible can now begin. University employee supervisors will advise if applicable to you.   Social distancing and work spaces must follow the same protocols as for employees.  

As part of NYS guidance and inspections on reopening gyms and fitness centers, we will have a separate announcement soon on accessing the Schuler Indoor Recreation Center through a reservation system and what activities are currently available.  

In the residence halls, double occupancy rooms may have up to 2 guests and suites/apartments may have up to 4 other student guests — these must be students who are already approved to be on campus for in-person learning. Face masks, good hygiene and social distancing should continue to be adhered to. 

We will continue with the policy of no visitors allowed on campus until further notice.  Limited exceptions are granted by submitting a request to Human Resources

Academic courses held in a classroom or faculty-led research in laboratories on campus should continue to follow their opening plan.  For academic classes and faculty-led research projects that are meeting outside of a campus classroom/research laboratory or making a local field trip, please refer to the Guidance issued by Provost Hannigan on the Office of the Provost Policies and Forms page. 

We will move to the next stage with larger gathering sizes for clubs and organizations based on a successful Stage 2 implementation and continued surveillance of COVID-19 and monitoring of active cases.  

If you have any questions, please contact

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