Clarkson Stage 3 – #LetsCUKeepWearingIt

Clarkson Stage 3 – #LetsCUKeepWearingIt

Clarkson Golden Knights Community – We got to Stage 3 this week by keeping to the Reopening Game Plan.  Masks — and wearing them properly — are a critical part of this plan and our ongoing success to keep everyone healthy and safe.  

Please see the reminders below on masks and keep leading by example with your mask and in following the COVID-19 safety and social distancing protocols.

Who is required to wear a face covering?

  • Everyone – faculty, staff, students and contractors 
  • Individuals that cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition should reach out to Human Resources (staff) or Accessibility Services (students)

When are face coverings required?

  • Any time you are in a public space within a building (ex. classrooms, hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, elevators); and
  • Any time, inside or outside, you cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing

What is considered an acceptable face covering?

  • Face covering must fully cover your nose and mouth
  • Material must be at least 2 layers thick
  • Face shields are not an acceptable substitute for a face mask
  • Face masks with a one-way exhalation valve are not permitted

 What is the appropriate way to wear a face covering?

  • Fully covering your nose and mouth with no gaps between your face and mask. Check out these videos from Professor Bohl and Professor Dhaniyala for more information.   

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What do you show somebody who doesn’t get it?  Tell them to check in with our Clarkson faculty! 

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