Ignite Speaker Series – October 20, 2020 2 PM

Energy and Fatigue: A Tale of Two Different Moods with Dr. Ali Boolani

Have you ever been energetic and fatigued at the same time? Do you ever observe how certain people walk and immediately assume they’re peppy? This week’s Ignite Speaker Series will focus on how energy and fatigue are two distinct moods with their own biological correlates. In addition, we will discuss how feelings of energy and fatigue, and predisposition to these moods, manifest themselves uniquely in one’s gait and posture.

Ali Boolani is an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy. His research focuses on the biological correlates and biomechanical manifestation of state, and the traits of mental and physical energy and fatigue. Dr. Boolani is also intrigued by the dichotomy of energy and fatigue and spends much of his time exploring new methods of intervention that can help improve patients’ understanding and responses to them.

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