Student Success Center Alumni Zoom Series Presents…

Student Success Center Alumni Zoom Series


HEOP Alumnus, Leudin J Dominguez, Jr18

Civil Engineering Major

Please join us to hear Leudin’s journey from NYC to Clarkson and now Omaha, Nebraska as a Project Engineer for Kiewit.  Learn about his tips and strategies on how to make it happen as a student and young professional. 

Leudin went to A. Philip Randolph Campus High School where he went into the engineering program and explored his options in Engineering. He participated in ACE (Architectural Construction and Engineering), which is an outside program from Randolph in NYC, and allowed him to experiment the different disciplines of engineering. After years participating in ACE, it led his true passion, Civil Engineering. Knowing that he wanted to do Civil Engineering he went for Undergraduate School that had an excellent Civil Engineering programs. Thus, he found Clarkson, which would soon change his life for the better.

After graduating from Randolph, Leudin went to Clarkson University to further study Civil Engineering via the HEOP program, which became a second home at Clarkson. Through-out the years, Leudin participated in many different activities, groups, and organizations such as Admission House (Working as a Tour Guide/Desk Worker), Alpha Kappa Psi, Clarkson Union Board, CUPO, MEN’s Group, NSBE, Resident Advisor, Resident Director, and Steel Bridge Team. Through his time there Leudin met incredible people who greatly impacted his life.

Once he graduated from Clarkson University, Leudin went on to work for Kiewit. He has been working for Kiewit for about 2 years. Leudin has been in a few projects since the beginning of his Kiewit career. The first project was two commercial Buildings, An AMC and a 5-Story Office, with a 7-Story Garage. The second project was an intense rehabilitation Train Station project which needed to be done and completed within 107 days. The third project was a mix-used area, where Luxury and affordable housing was being developed, and at the same time have retail and restaurants located there as well, in addition to a Food Truck Stop Venue. The current project is considered high-profile, so not much can be said besides that Kiewit is constructing and building a Children’s Hospital.  

When:  Thursday October 29th, 2020

Time:    5:00 – 6:00pm


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