COVID-READ: Positive Case Reported from Campus Testing – Please keep to your “Clarkson family unit”

Potsdam Campus Community,

As outlined in our Restart Plan, we are notifying you that a member of our campus community has tested positive for COVID-19 today.   Similar to the case we reported to you on November 2, this person had sought testing after learning of their exposure to a positive case from someone who they came into contact with from another county.  

The continued spread of COVID-19 is very real in New York State and across the United States.   Beyond being diligent about your own health, we are asking all members of our community to close out the semester by being diligent in the protocols that will keep everyone safe – and to share with your classmates and colleagues the same goal to protect others, especially for those community members who may be going home home for the winter break to a family member with a compromised immune system.

For the positive test result that came back today, our Health Center and other administrators are actively working with St. Lawrence County Public Health representatives.

  • To respect the privacy of the individual, they will remain anonymous.  We send them our well wishes.
  • They will remain quarantined by the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department until officials have cleared them.
  • As part of the NYS protocols in any positive test case, a representative of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department will notify directly any community members, students, faculty, and staff who may have been exposed and will give further guidance. These contacts will remain confidential.  
  • Public Health may ask the University for information to support their review and your assistance, if asked to help, is appreciated.
  • All members of the community should remain diligent towards the safety protocols put in place to stop the spread:  wear your mask, practice good hygiene, abide by social distancing and take other preventative measures. Wearing a mask is the #1 way we can stop the spread.  The health and well-being of our community is Clarkson’s top priority.

We understand that announcements like this may cause concern in our immediate community. If you have any questions about this communication, please contact and/or me.  We care about all of you and complete transparency in our communications.  Please stick to the game plan, maintain your diligence and keep looking out for your community.  

Kelly Chezum, VP for External Relations
Restart Communications

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