Ignite Speaker Series – November 10, 2020 2 PM

Electrochemical Treatment Processes For Wastewater and HABs with Dr. Yang Yang

This week’s final webinar in Clarkson’s Fall 2020 Ignite Speaker Series will feature Dr. Yang Yang as he presents on electrochemical oxidation (EO) as a potential treatment process for wastewater and harmful algae blooms (HABs). EO is a promising technology for decentralized water treatment and environmental remediation. Dr. Yang Yang’s recent studies found that various oxidants can be produced from water by EO reactions and be locally concentrated at the electrode/electrolyte interface. In this talk, Dr. Yang Yang will introduce several EO processes developed by his group to combat pollutants of public concerns such as toxic algae, viruses, and PFAS, and detail how the efficacy of these techniques have recently been validated in real environments at pilot scales.

Dr. Yang Yang received his undergraduate degree at South China University of Technology in 2009. Shortly after he earned his doctorate from Tsinghua University in 2014. He began working as a postdoctoral scholar before being promoted to senior research scientist at Caltech in 2014-2018. He joined Clarkson University in 2019 and built a research group that focuses on the synthesis and characterization of advanced electro-active materials, advanced oxidation/reduction techniques for contaminant removal and pathogen control, and the development and commercialization of decentralized water treatment techniques.

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