Clarkson Mechanical Engineering Professors, Students Win American Welding Society Award

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Professors Daryush Aidun and Marcias Martinez, along with Marharyta Pliazhuk ‘20 and graduate student Carlos Reyes have been awarded the Charles H. Jennings Award from the American Welding Society for their paper “In-situ Monitoring of Transient Strain Formation in Vertical Welds”. The awards ceremony was held virtually this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This study looks at semi-real time in-situ measurements of strain formation during manual weldments. The results of the study were validated through collaboration with Prof. John Goldak and Mr. Hossein Nimrouzi from Goldak Technologies (, located in Ottawa Canada. This study highlights the formation of complex residual stress fields during welding processes. These residual stresses are localized and can have detrimental effects on structural integrity and remaining useful component life of welded structures. The study also highlights the importance of the Clarkson team’s collaboration efforts with international partners as well as their local resources such as those provided by Clarkson’s Machine Shop, in particular, certified welder Mark Hebel.

The Charles H. Jennings award is sponsored by the American Welding Society in honor of Charles H. Jennings, who served as American Welding Society’s President from 1951–52. This award is presented for the most valuable paper written by a college student or faculty representative published in the Welding Journal during the previous calendar year

The American Welding Society is the worldwide authority in the development of standards, certifications and educational programming for the welding community. They are committed to connecting the welding industry to their extensive collection of resources, informing their members of technological advancements, and developing the next generation of welding professionals.

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