Reminder: IMPORTANT Notice for Zoom Users: Cloud Recordings to Auto Delete after 30 days.

Starting December 15, 2020, Zoom recordings stored to the Zoom Cloud will auto delete 30 days after recording is generated. 

Take action: 

  • For instructors and others whose Zoom cloud recordings are currently copying to your Echo360 account, this notice should have no impact. Recordings will remain in Echo360 as before. If you are not sure, check your Echo360 library for copies of your Zoom recordings or contact OIT Help Desk for assistance. How To Check: Login to Echo360 to view library.
  • For staff and others who do not have active Echo360 accounts, you may want to check your Zoom cloud account for recordings you wish to retain longer than 30 days. How To Check and Download Recordings from Zoom Cloud (5 min screenshare tutorial).

Zoom users will note 30 days has been the posted expiration time frame although in practice account settings have allowed cloud recordings to remain available for much longer. High recording volume is causing an increasingly growing cache of cloud storage, and the 30 day timeframe will enable adequate management of storage capacity. This update will impact all existing cloud recordings and going forward, 30 days will be strictly adhered to.

Instructors, students and others can continue to use Echo360 to store recordings generated by Zoom meeting sessions for a minimum of two years (with option to retain longer if needed). For those users, Zoom cloud recordings copy to their account in Echo360. Recordings are sharable to your course or individuals via public link/URL.

Options for recordings you wish to access longer than 30 days:

Questions/Comments: Laura Perry at Office of Information Technology HelpDesk 315-268-HELP (x4357) or

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