All Potsdam Students: Covid READ

To: All Potsdam Students

Message from Dean of Students

As we prepare for the majority of students to return on January 17th, and as a reminder to those already here, we want to take this opportunity to remind the campus of our phased approach to reopening and the gathering guidelines.  These policies and guidelines are designed to keep the campus, and broader community, safe and allow us to have a successful semester.  Please take a moment to review  

Following these policies is part of the Clarkson Commitment, which all students have signed prior to returning to campus.  We know the gathering policy can be difficult for some and feel isolating, but this is necessary to enable us to build our bubble, have a successful semester, and everyone’s compliance with this should enable us to quickly move up in phases and to allow gatherings.  

Your cooperation is appreciated. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students with any questions: or 315-268-6620.

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