COVID-19 Read: Update on Vaccination Access

University Community,

For those who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, the North Country Vaccination site at Maxcy Hall at SUNY Potsdam has opened its reservation site  as well as other locations in NYS are also now accepting appointments.  Go to: to make an appointment reservation if you are eligible.   At the appointment page for each location, there is a different slot for each day with multiple times for different days.

  • Proof of Eligibility: The state’s guidance indicates that individuals seeking vaccination should be prepared to provide proof of their eligibility which can take the form of an employee ID, pay stub, or letter from their employer/institution. DOH has confirmed that one of the acceptable proof documents is sufficient. The University expects that employees will use their employee ID or pay stub.

The demand for doses in New York State will likely outpace the state’s current supply in the short term, but we remain confident that this is a statewide and national priority.  The overall vaccination plan for NYS is summarized at this web site: 

We have been working with the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities which has shared the following information that may answer some questions that have been coming in to our the Restart/ Rebuild teams. 

  • Updated Guidance on Vaccine Administration: This week, the Department of Health issued updated guidance for entities administering vaccines. Click here to read the full guidance.
    • Providers and hospitals must prioritize vaccines for health care workers but can vaccinate anyone currently eligible.
    • Retail pharmacies and physician networks or practice groups should vaccinate their own staffs and then those 65 or older.
    • Local health departments should prioritize essential workers described in Phase 1B which includes in-person college instructors.
  • Second Dose Locations: In this updated guidance and in separate conversations, the Department of Health is requiring that individuals receive both doses of the vaccine in the same location.  We recognize that this may present some issues for students who are traveling back to campus who fit one of the eligibility requirements. We have asked DOH to make an exception for students to receive their second dose at a different location, particularly students in healthcare fields who may have out-of-state clinical placements.  We will update you if DOH’s guidance on this changes. Note that there is not presently a requirement that an individual be vaccinated in their county of residence or employment. 
  • Immunocompromised Category: The state has not yet defined the “immunocompromised” category for vaccine eligibility that was announced earlier this week. We will keep you updated as information becomes available. You may wish to consult your medical provider for more information in the interim. 
  • Vaccination Locations: The state has compiled regional lists of vaccination locations, click here for the lists. We anticipate that additional vaccination locations will continue to open in the coming days and weeks. 

As we get more information, we will share it with the Clarkson community.   We recognize that the State’s website may be fluid in its distribution of information as well as experience high volume that makes completing forms, etc. more difficult. 

It is important to note that the current vaccination program does not mean we can immediately curtail the COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing, mask wearing,  good hand washing hygiene, and daily health screenings.  Our ongoing diligence is important to continue. 


Kelly Chezum
VP for External Relations

Restart/ Rebuild Communications Lead   

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