CircleIn is Live!

Awesome News – CircleIn is officially LIVE for Clarkson University!

CircleIn is a studying app to help you get organized and study with your classmates remotely – while giving you the chance to earn rewards by helping your peers!

We encourage you to use CircleIn to form study groups, chat with classmates, create flashcards and quizzes to prepare for exams, post questions and answers, keep track of your assignments and tasks, and share resources like notes and helpful videos. The more you use CircleIn to assist your classmates, the more rewards you can potentially earn.

Getting started is very easy:

1.    Download the App or visit the App’s Desktop Version

2.    Search for (Clarkson University), this will direct you to the login page

3.    Enter your Clarkson Log-In Credentials

4.    Select Authorize, select your rewards, and start studying!

Once you’ve logged in, you will be instantly connected with all of your classmates and will have access to multiple studying features, all in one place, that will help you stay productive and succeed! 

Make sure to let your classmates know about this new and exciting opportunity! 

Want to learn more? Click here to visit the CircleIn Student Website. 

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