Today is the last day to apply for the Stephen Newkofsky H’ 03 Endowed Student Engagement Scholarship

The Stephen Newkofsky H’03 Endowed Student Engagement Scholarship was established and funded by many alumni and friends to recognize and honor Stephen Newkofsky at his retirement in 2016. Steve served Clarkson for 36 years as Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students, Associate Vice President for Alumni & Parent Relations, and Dean of Students and Lifetime Engagement.  

The Stephen Newkofsky H’03 Endowed Student Engagement Scholarship is established by the donors to recognize students who, by their engagement with the university during their freshman year, have provided evidence that their activities and support of the values of Clarkson demonstrate that they will not only make the most of their experience at Clarkson, but that they will also remain engaged lifetime members of the alumni association.  

Interested students must submit a resume of activities and a letter of support from a member of the faculty or staff to the office of the Dean of Students, James Pittman.  To be eligible, a freshman student must have at least a 2.5 GPA.  The award will be renewed for the junior and senior year as long as the student remains in good academic standing and maintains the ideals of this scholarship.

Applications must be received by Friday January 29th, .Please email to

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