COVID-19 Read: Day 5 of Precautionary Self-Quarantine – Positive Case Update

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  • Positive Case Update:  The Good, the Bad & The Ugly
  • Religious Observations

Potsdam Campus Community,

Positive Case Update:  We started this morning with 97 individuals with an active COVID-19 case being monitored by Public Health.  We expect 80 of these friends and peers will complete their public health mandated isolations by Saturday and we wish them good health. 

We also started today with 181 people in a NYS mandatory quarantine as a result of being exposed to a positive case earlier this month.  As part of our required testing protocols to return to campus routines at the end of these NYS mandated quarantine periods, we were also notified today that 14 of these members of our community tested positive – some that had mild symptoms like a headach or stuffy nose earlier during quarantine, but most said they were asymptomatic the whole time (and we recognize that frustration.).  We continue to support these individuals and work with public health on next steps. Based on these trends, it is likely that as we test more people finishing quarantine this week that we will get more positive cases.  We also have 4 people this evening who have reported testing positive with symptoms and /or after known interactions with positive cases.  

So to summarize the good, the bad and the ugly: 1) We have many people heading to recovery.  2) While we know the sources, more friends and peers have tested positive: we wish them good health.  3) And until we can get everyone following the tried-and- true practices like wearing a mask, physical distancing and avoiding social gatherings, we are going to go through a period that is not going to be pretty (the ugly.)

To stay with Mr. Clint Eastwood, “Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.”  So please Golden Knights, this is in your hands to ask your peers to take the time to mask up, complete the daily screening tool and cut out the small close-contact indoor social gatherings.

Religious Observance:  We know that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday for some members of our University community.  We ask that religious organizations abide by NYS guidelines noted here:  Clarkson University  will not infringe upon a student’s right to attend or participate in religious observances, but would ask that if a student finds the above guidelines, and/or the Clarkson Commitment, are not being followed, to either work to correct that with the organization or find an alternative means or location to worship.

Clarkson University clubs and organizations, religious based or otherwise, are expected to follow all procedures for event/gathering restrictions as determined by the University (currently no gathering unless virtual.). See the University’s Risk Alert System and Gathering Policies webpage for additional information.  If you have specific questions or concerns, contact Dean of Students Jim Pittman at and/or Chief Inclusion Officer Jen Ball at

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact and/or me.  

Kelly Chezum
VP for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Lead

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