COVID-19 Read: Day 6 of Precautionary Self-Quarantine, 2 New Cases Added Today

In this communication:

  • Positive Case Update
  • Planning for Phased Return to In Person Learning
  • Meal Order/ Dining 

Golden Knights,

Case Update:  Two members of our campus community tested positive today – one in mandated quarantine at home and one living off campus.  Our University Care Team members are working with a total of 94 students with active cases in mandated isolation by public health and 186 in mandated quarantines.  These figures are inclusive of students currently staying on campus and those who are home or in off-campus dwellings.  We wish them good health.   We conducted testing today of those students getting ready to finish quarantines and based on our wastewater surveillance, and should have results back tomorrow.  Based on past trends and the potential for asymptomatic individuals in quarantine, it is likely that we’ll have cases to report tomorrow. 

Next Week:  We are meeting with external health advisors and representatives tomorrow to go over the assessment of the past two weeks and a plan for a phased return to in person classes next week.  Please give us another day to take their counsel and get those details together.  If you went home and have questions about testing requirements previously shared, please reach out to  Please maintain the diligence you are all showing to the protocols of mask wearing (over nose and mouth — including while you’re talking!), physical distancing, self-quarantining and the daily health screenings that will give everyone this opportunity.  

Dining Services/ Meal Plan Ordering:  CUSA representatives asked us to discuss meal plan ordering for students in tonight’s communication.   Your Campus Dining team does not want anyone to go hungry!  

  • For students in precautionary self-quarantine, the Servery/Marketplace Deli have time slots on the ordering app with the first available pick up time 15 minutes from the time the order is placed.  Each station is preparing a new order roughly every 75 seconds. If a time slot at a particular station is full, it will automatically prompt for the next available pickup time at that station. The same time slot may be available at other stations, too.   The only way you would not be prompted to the next available time would be if the station closes and time slots are full (this week we have not seen that this is an issue).  Ross Brooks Dining Hall is throttled at 35 orders every 15 min (140 orders per hour).  The Dining Team wants to accommodate all students. If you can’t place an order/get a meal, please contact  She’s also giving us her cell to use for this purpose during meal hours at 315-842-9334.  
  • One other Dining Service note: If you place an order to be picked up at the Student Center in one of the innovative food lockers, please be diligent in picking it up at the time on your receipt so that they can prepare the locker for the next student.  Ross Brooks Dining Hall can accommodate some walk-in orders, too.  Please also help maintain social distance when queueing.  
  • If you are in mandated quarantine or isolation on campus and have concerns or need to have food delivered, please contact  

“I do my best because I’m counting on you counting on me.” Maya Angelou

Just as a small FYI:  Many of our local K-12 school districts are on a winter break this week.  Many of the faculty and staff with school-aged children are juggling a bit more this week while maintaining work obligations during COVID-19.  We all appreciate your patience as we show caring to our Clarkson family members and those in our own homes, too.  

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact and/or me.  

Kelly Chezum
VP for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Lead 

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