COVID-19 Read: Day 7 of Precautionary Self-Quarantine Update

In this communication:

  • Positive Case Update
  • Clarkson Commitment
  • Planning for Phased Return to In Person on Monday
  • Return Testing for Students Who Left Campus/ Village Residences
  • Do You Have Grit?  

Golden Knights,

Case Update

We have been notified today that eleven additional campus members have tested positive for COVID-19.  As we shared yesterday, we tested more individuals in mandatory quarantine and as anticipated, we had positives in this cohort inclusive of asymptomatic individuals. We also had more students complete their Public Health mandated isolations and quarantines.  

As a caring community, we aim for transparency in our communications as well as respect for the confidentiality of all individuals impacted.  Among the new cases reported today, we have learned that one off-campus member of our community was hospitalized earlier this week and they have tested positive.  We do not know if the hospitalization was related to COVID-19 but will be providing this information to NYS DOH as a field on our required daily submissions to them. Most of all, we wish this individual a speedy return to good health.

It is imperative that everyone remains diligent to the science-based protocols  that keep you and everyone in your community healthy and safe.  Wear your mask — over your mouth and nose and do not pull it down while you speak to others.  Practice good hand washing hygiene and good physical distancing.  Do the daily screening tool and act on any symptoms. 

Clarkson Commitment
Thank you to everyone living the Clarkson Values and taking the Clarkson Commitment seriously.  Tihe Dean of Students reports that eight students have been sent home for some or all of the semester due to violations of the Clarkson Commitment.  Golden Knights, please look out for each other and help each other do the right thing. 

Next Week – End of Precautionary Self-Quarantine – Remain Diligent
We met with our health advisors and experts on a phased return to in person classes. Your faculty and staff will provide further details on the outline below and we will have more communications to you as we go into the weekend.   Here is the summary: 

  • On Monday, most in-person laboratory courses will resume.  Lecture-based courses will stay online. 
  • On Monday and moving forward, exams will be in person at the faculty member’s discretion. 
  • On Monday, employee supervised academic teams/research programs and varsity athletic activities that are meeting pro sport guidance will resume.  
  • As people return to campus and testing results continue on their current downward trajectory, we will return to in person lecture and discussion-based courses starting on Wednesday.
  • Fitness facilities will remain closed while we rebuild the bubble.  
  • We will remain in our Red Alert level with no in-person social gatherings. Your collective diligence to health and safety protocols will dictate the next steps.  

Return Testing Information for Students Who Left Campus
As shared earlier

  • On-campus residents who departed the University for the self-quarantine period must have a negative PCR (not serology) COVID-19 test* with a specimen taken within 3 days of your return to campus.  
  • Continue to self-quarantine while home between the time the test is taken and your return. 
  • If the result is delayed, you will need to wait for the negative results before returning to campus. 
  • Students will submit their test results via their myCU checklist and will then be notified with a clearance after the results are reviewed. 
  • If you went home to a state that is noncontiguous to New York, please see this guidance : 

* Results from rapid PCR/molecular testing are permitted. Antigen or antibody-based tests, including rapid tests, are not acceptable forms of testing. Students should consult their provider prior to testing to confirm the appropriate testing will be administered. 

If You’ve Got Grit Then You’ve Got This Pandemic, Says Clarkson University Research
A study co-authored by Clarkson University Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Biology Ali Boolani suggests that grit — one’s personality associated with perseverance and passion for a long-term goal — determines lifestyle behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those with higher grit (more conscientious and more determined to persevere) were more physically active, reported less sedentary time, and practiced better dietary habits.

“So long story short, gritty people led a healthier lifestyle during the pandemic and had a desire to do even better.” Prof. Ali Boolani

Golden Knights have Grit! We see it in each member of our community. That determination to persevere and your passion to achieve long-term goals shows up in all you do each day, including during these unprecedented times and this precautionary self-quarantine. 

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact and/or me.  

Kelly Chezum
VP for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Lead 

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