Golden Knights Rise – Grand Prize Winners

Clarkson Ignite and the Shipley Center proudly announce the winners of the Grand Prize Challenge for the Golden Knights Rise Competition – and a few additional surprises! Nearly 50 faculty, staff, and alumni voted for this round! 

After careful consideration, the ‘referees’ determined that the team that received the most votes – “Get Healthy” Knight Punk a collaboration between Ben Buck and Sam Carignan – with a special guest appearance by President Tony Collins, “from the office” has been called for ‘too many men on the ice’. However – since we applaud the creativity in the video and Ben and Sam’s innovative use of campus resources – we are still awarding them a grand prize…. 

But wait, there’s more….

With minutes left in the game, the second place video, created by Rittir Frankowski scored a power play goal and will also be taking home a Grand Prize win!!

In another added bonus – students that completed all 7 daily challenges were also entered into a raffle and will be able to pick a prize from the ‘3rd Place’ page of the prize catalog. Congratulations to the following students:  

Christine Andrews
Sam Walzak 
Olivia Robillard
Elizabeth Laughlin
Gabrielle Anastasio

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