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Golden Knights,

COVID-19 Case & Quarantine Update:  Our University Care Team Members are currently supporting 17 students with an active COVID-19 case and 56 students who are in quarantines mandated by public health.  All surveillance testing from Wednesday came back with negative results – we have one new case reported today from an individual already in quarantine. We wish all a return to good health. 

Vaccine Information:  We sent information earlier today about how to get an appointment on April 6 or later for the Mass Vaccination site and a survey to express interest in getting vaccinated as we work with Public Health to make it easier for college students in the region to have access to the vaccine. 

To respond to some questions that have been sent to us if you are 16-18 years old. If you are under 18 but over 16, and if your parent will not be accompanying you to the vaccine location (sites that distribute Pfizer, which is only vaccine approved for this age bracket), then Public Health needs written consent from the parent/guardian and will contact the them by telephone to verify consent at the vaccination location. The Screening and Consent form that can be used by parents/guardians to provide the written consent (the form should be completed and signed by the parent or guardian in the middle of the second page on the Recipient/Surrogate/Guardian line). The students must bring the completed form to the site with them. 

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. – William Shakespeare

Golden Knights, please follow the protocols to stop the spread and support each other to get us to the end of the semester and beyond. If you have any questions about this communication, please contact (employees), (students) and/or me.

Kelly Chezum ‘04
VP for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Communications Lead 

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