As a senior, if you decide to make a senior class gift, you will receive a FREE BEER MUG AND FREE GRADUATION CORD!!! And, if you refer 5 other people to give their gift, you will receive a FREE SERGI’S GIFT CARD good for one large pizza!

What is the Senior Class gift? The gift is $25 this year as well as $25 for the next 4 years. If you wish to make a one time payment of any amount instead, you can still receive a free graduation cord!

Why give? On average, 96% of Clarkson students receive scholarship money from the university, and most of that money comes from generous donations from Alumni (which you will be soon!) One of the more popular ways to give back to the university is through the Senior Class Gift which acts as a thank you for the support you’ve received over the years. That money will go towards helping the next generation of Clarkson students who wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t for scholarship aid.

If you are interested in making your Senior Class Gift, seniors will be tableling in the Student Center Mon-Fri from 10-1. Or, if you can’t make that, please contact Jeremy Clark ( or Nicholas Snyder ( and you can make your gift through them.

Thank You, and good luck the rest of the way!

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