Dear Colleagues:

Clarkson Honors Program will be welcoming a new class in the Fall. As one of the opportunities available to our new honors students, Clarkson Honors offers a five-week summer research program that places new students with faculty interested in working with honors students.  

For faculty wishing to work with honors students, this five-week summer research program represents an outstanding opportunity to identify students potentially interested in research in your area of expertise early in their academic careers. If you are interested, please send me an email (, and we will see if we can find a student right for your area.

Our new class is only beginning to take shape, yet it already represents in total a wonderfully diverse pool of interests in engineering, science, and business!  

School of Engineering

2 students majoring in Computer Engineering

5 students majoring in Chemical Engineering

2 students majoring in Civil Engineering

2 students majoring in Environmental Engineering

1 student majoring in Electrical Engineering

1 student declared for Engineering studies

2 students majoring in Aeronautical engineering

4 students majoring in Mechanical engineering

School of Arts and Sciences

2 students major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

1 student majoring in Biology

2 students majoring in Computer Science

1 student majoring in Chemistry

1 student majoring in Math

1 student majoring in Physics

School of Business

2 students declared for Business studies

3 students declared for Engineering and Management

Clarkson Honors provides students who avail themselves of this opportunity with campus housing, room and board, scheduled professional training and cohort building opportunities, and a modest honorarium for the campus visit.

To learn more, or sign up for placement, email me ( … and thank you.

Take care! 

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