CIN Rapid Design Challenge – TONIGHT (Prizes Will Be Awarded!)

The Clarkson Innovation Network is hosting a Rapid Design Challenge tonight, 4/29 at 5:30pm, in the Core (Quad 200)! Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from CIN’s first Rapid Design Challenge (RDC) last fall, we have decided to host another one!

We figure that there is no better way to end a semester than with a (eu)stress-filled event to push you into your final exams with a smile on your face and some good memories*. After all, if you can learn to enjoy failing multiple times before succeeding, then maybe that F on one of your exams won’t be so bad! (CIN does not endorse failing your classes)

Much the same as the last RDC, there will be worthwhile prizes for the top 3 designs (1st place is a Classic Series 4.5 quart KitchenAid Mixer, 2nd is an Ugg Blanket, & 3rd is an Eno Hammock) and killer lore to accompany the challenge. This time, our problem-filled journey takes us to a location in the East where mountains and rivers are aplenty and tourists rarely leave! 

RSVP on Knightlife ASAP ( in order to participate this Thursday (4/29); only 20 spots are available! (In case you forgot, there are prizes!!)

*Batteries not included

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