Honors Department Seminar

Aaron Stoller
Founding Director, Office of Academic Programs Director, First-Year Program
Affiliate Faculty, Philosophy & Education Departments 

Colorado College

will speak as candidate for Director of the Clarkson University Honors Program on 

“Critical inquiry: Changing the Way Students Relate to Knowledge in the Disciplines”
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
10:00 AM
Abstract: Traditional models of university teaching and learning are based on a longstanding epistemic myth that holds that the central goal of education is changing students’ familiarity with academic knowledge. While traditional pedagogies may yield benefits in terms of bolstering students’ academic success, it is my contention they are inadequate in achieving critical forms of education. In this talk, I will trouble the epistemic assumptions behind traditional university education by introducing a curricular and pedagogical framework designed to cultivate critical intellectual agency in students, which I call critical inquiry. Critical inquiry suggests that for students to understand themselves as emerging intellectuals, they must be involved in a process of critical interrogation of the sociopolitical and epistemic contexts of the disciplines, making visible their hidden expectations, cultures, and structures of power and privilege. In doing so, critical inquiry changes the way students relate to knowledge by establishing a dialogical relationship to the disciplines that prepares them to engage the learning environment of the school as critical participants and intellectual agents.
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Passcode: 280825

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