Honors Department Seminar

Aaron Stoller
Founding Director, Office of Academic Programs Director, First-Year Program
Affiliate Faculty, Philosophy & Education Departments 

Colorado College

will speak as candidate for Director of the Clarkson University Honors Program on 

“Honors as Third Space”
Monday, May 3, 2021
10:00 AM
Abstract: Honors education has been described as horizontal, experimental, integrative, and process-oriented. It is also frequently characterized by its allowances for creativity and risk-taking, an emphasis on the responsibility of the student, and a high level of rigor. While it is difficult to distinguish between “traditional” education and the kind of education that happens in honors, these ideas suggest honors is primarily about doing and expecting more. In this talk, I argue that, in fact, honors should not be understood as a difference in degree but as a difference in kind. Drawing on Homi Bhabha’s notion of “third space,” I argue that the traditional epistemic paradigms of higher education are inadequate for conceptualizing the praxis-driven work that takes place in honors. Honors should instead be understood as a non-binary and transdisciplinary approach to undergraduate education aimed at disrupting, reimagining, and transforming the students and the institution it serves.
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Passcode: 863779

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