Honors Department Clarkson University Candidate for Director of the Honors Program

Peter Bradley 

Director of the Honors Program, Ferris State University will speak on 

The future of Honors: opportunities and obstacles 

To state an obvious truth, 2020 was a critical year for higher education. We do  not yet know the full impact from the global pandemic and increased societal  awareness of systemic racism, especially when combined with the existing  trends of ubiquitous digital technology, demographic shifts and the college debt  crisis. Honors has thrived in the social and economic conditions of higher  education since the 1990’s, but those conditions are changing. Will Honors thrive  in the new landscape of higher education? How can Clarkson Honors flourish in  the “new normal” of higher education in the US? 

Thursday May 6, 2021 

8:00 A.M. 



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