On-Campus faculty/staff Events

On-Campus Events

Reserving a Space on Campus and adding events to Clarkson’s Master Calendar of Events:

University-sponsored events:

As you may or may not know, you are now able to book your own spaces for meetings, lectures, catered meals and other events at reserve.clarkson.edu, where you can choose whether you would like to add your event booking to the Master Calendar all in the same step. For more assistance, watch the instructional video shared with us by our colleagues at another institution that uses the same Event Management System (EMS) at www.youtube.com/watch?v=mctYYgCBmpw. All setups need to be requested when making your reservation in EMS or with Room reservations. If you do not request a setup at least 72 hours outside your event time, you will not receive a setup. Classrooms are not considered an event space so if you are having catered events in these areas, let the event team know you will need tables for food.

Please note you will receive one of the below standard setups based on what furniture is already located in the space.  All event setups catered or otherwise will be set up once free of charge to the given event.  Upon completion of the initial setup, any and all changes will carry a charge per hour of $25  to cover the overtime or call-in’s that occur to make changes to the setup therefore it is a good practice to review your needs early and with everyone on your team who may want to influence last minute changes. 

**If your event is catered by Sodexo, remember to request tables for food. They are not responsible for tables and chairs for your event.

Standard Setups types 

Classroom Style: Tables with chairs on one side, facing a particular direction or screen.

Banquet Style: Tables with chairs on both sides (largest seating capacity for a meal.)

Lecture/Theater Style: Chairs only, in rows facing a particular direction or screen.

U-shape: Tables set up in a U shape with chairs on the outside, and the opening facing a particular direction or screen

Crescent Style-Round table with chairs on one side, facing a particular direction or screen.

Hollow Square: Tables set in a square with an open center, chairs around the outside.

Square or Block- Tables set in a square with a closed center, chairs around the outside.

Atriums are used as student study spaces and are not reservable for every day events.These areas must go through an approval process before an event is hosted in these spaces. Groups of 150+ guests or during large University sponsored events are exceptions.

If the Standard setup will not work for your event, or changes need to be made after the initial  setup, additional setup fees will apply. Contact Marcy at mbennett@clarkson.edu.

In order to ensure that you have everything you need for your participants to engage in your event, it is critical that we have your room setup details at least two weeks before your event. If you don’t know the details when reserving the room, contact events at 315-268-2189 or email roomreservations@clarkson.edu as soon as you have the details.  If there is no setup given to events within 72 hours of the event, then you will receive no setup. The Events team will work with you to make sure your setup is within the fire code regulations and will comfortably fit all of your guests.

If you are planning to have alcohol at your catered event, please contact Sodexo to obtain the proper license. Alcohol licenses take 3-4 weeks on average.

Linens are provided by Sodexo. Requesting Food, Beverages and Linens

To ensure consistent quality, efficiency and safety, the University has an exclusive contract with Sodexo for catering. Contact an Sodexo representative at extension Sodexo’s online ordering system, at clarkson.catertrax.com. Sodexo is also the contact for requesting table linens, which carry a fee.

Manually adding your event to Clarkson’s Master Calendar of Events

In order to boost awareness of activities happening on campus, it is essential that you add your event to the Master Calendar by going straight to reserve.clarkson.edu/Mastercalendar/. Just click “Add Event” and fill in the form. Do not change the post date. Once submitted, it goes through an approval process which usually takes less than 48 hours.  .

For personal events:

If you are interested in hosting a personal event on campus such as a shower, birthday party, etc., Contact Marcy Bennett at mbennett@clarkson.edu. regarding any of these types of events.

Requesting Audio/Video 

We all want to give you good service. Audiovisual needs, such as microphones, laptops, screens, projectors and clickers MUST be requested at least one week in advance by emailing the Help Desk at helpdesk@clarkson.edu. Putting the request in EMS will not be seen by the Help Desk, make sure to put in a ticket separately.

Requesting Other Campus Furniture (excluding indoor tables and chairs)

If you would like to have garbage cans & Bags, picnic tables, power, mowed lawn or snow cleared walkway for an event, Outdoor signs placed, something repaired, area cleaned, stage,or floor mats you will need to request a work order for both the delivery AND pickup from the location. To place a work order refer to the Clarkson faculty/staff webpage. http://internal.clarkson.edu/facilities


If you are hosting a University event that will require a more specialized setup, please use PartyCAD, a specialized software program, to determine the layout. If you would like to use or be trained in the program, notify the Events Department. There may be fees for any extensive setups.

Tents/Bonfire permits

Contact events at mbennett@clarkson.edu if you plan to rent a tent or have a bonfire (only a limited number of such permits are issued each year to the University by local authorities) as there are special permits and safety precautions we must attend to prior to setup. 

Outdoor Directional Signage

Many events happen at the same time, so if you would like to utilize outdoor directional signs. Yard signs can be ordered through UPS. You can email a request to them at store5986@theupsstore.com or you can call the store. Payment is due upon pickup.

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