COVID-19 Read Update: Phasing Back to Fall Term with Masks in Public Venues/ Classes; Limiting External Groups on Campus

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  • Vaccination Update
  • Mask Wearing Now Required Indoors in Non-Residential Spaces with Limited Exceptions
  • Limiting External Groups to Campus
  • Monitor for Symptoms 
  • Thank You

Clarkson Community,

We look forward to welcoming students for the fall term in a few short weeks.  Our commitment to full in-person experiences for all curricular and co-curricular programs coupled with the health and safety of our University community remains our highest priority.   

Vaccination Update

As we reported earlier, 99% of all employees have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and now more than 97.8% of all students who have submitted their documentation.  Thank you for your collective diligence in achieving this milestone.  

We still have a cohort of incoming students who have not yet been able to access vaccines in their home country and will get their first dosages upon arrival for the fall semester.  Protecting them is important as we all return to campus from many parts of the world as well as for our other Golden Knights and their families with medical and religious exemptions.  

Like many other parts of the USA impacted by the COVID-19 Delta variant, New York State and the communities surrounding our campuses saw another doubling of positive cases in the last week inclusive of both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals. A phased approach to start each semester has proven to be successful over the past academic year and we will continue that practice.  

Update: Mask Wearing Now Required in Non-Residential Campus Venues

As an added measure of safety and with limited exceptions, we will be asking everyone to bring masks with them to campus and require wearing them in indoor, public spaces on campus regardless of vaccination status starting, Wednesday, August 18.  This policy will be in place through the first Fall break and we will reassess the prevalence of COVID-19 among our largely vaccinated campus community at that time.    

  • Masks are now required for everyone — regardless of vaccination status — in academic corridors, restrooms, locker rooms, classrooms, study spaces and laboratories, and in campus meetings. 
    • Unvaccinated students will continue to be required to wear a mask in all buildings, including residential buildings, unless they are in their own room with only roommates present and the door closed.
  • In all academic and non-residential buildings, masks are not required indoors for vaccinated individuals when they are:
    • Working alone in an office or workspace with the door closed; 
    • While eating and/or drinking (masks should be replaced immediately when finished)
  • Consistent with NCAA guidelines, unvaccinated student-athletes will be tested weekly and while practicing and/or competing will not need to wear a mask, but will be expected to wear masks on the bench, in the locker rooms, and in the training area. Fans for indoor sporting events will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.
  • All guests and visitors must wear masks when inside all buildings, regardless of vaccination status, with the exception of registered admissions guests who are following established protocols for tours. 
  • Please wear masks in all off-campus venues where you are interacting with the public as well as a prudent precaution. 

Updated Policies for Residential Spaces

  • During the move-in to residential spaces through August 29, everyone–including families and students–must wear a mask when non-residents are present in residence halls.  Beginning on August 30, residence halls will be for Clarkson students only and the staff members responsible for supporting the residence halls. 
  • Starting on the first day of classes on August 30, we will consider residence halls as private, shared living spaces for students .  Fully vaccinated students are not required to wear masks when inside a residence hall but are encouraged to wear masks in residential situations when asked by others and in situations where they feel more comfortable doing so.
  • Pick up for deliveries from vendors and/or local restaurants should be done at outside entrances to the building.  Delivery personnel are not permitted to enter residence halls.
  • All other vendors and contractors in these facilities are required to wear a mask and follow the same protocols as employees.
  • All employees inviting vendors and contractors to campus must fill out this form prior to their visit to campus.
  • Campus signage and web information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect these updates.  If you see old signage up after August 20, please contact with the location. 

External Groups Using Campus Spaces

For the Fall term, Clarkson will be suspending room reservations and events for external community groups with visitors and guests who do not have a specific reason to meet on campus.  Departments and individuals that believe that an external group event is integral to their department and/or to include outside guests and visitors in meetings should clear this with prior to reserving space.  If approved, all visitor attendees will need to be fully vaccinated and wear masks. 

Keep Monitoring for Symptoms

We ask all persons to begin to monitor themselves for symptoms prior to arrival on campus – inclusive of employees, students, and family members assisting with move-in. On an ongoing basis, please do not come to campus, work or class if you are sick and get tested if you have symptoms associated with COVID-19.  

Thank You Golden Knights

As we all have experienced for nearly two years now, COVID-19 has presented a dynamic set of challenges.  We appreciate and value the resilience of the Clarkson community to keep moving forward in much the same way as you respond to all challenges with grit and determination to succeed.   Thank you for your cooperation in helping us protect ourselves and each other.

Kelly Chezum, MBA ‘04

VP for External Relations

For COVID-19 Response Team

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