Clarkson University Professor to Serve as Difficult Dialogues’ Panelist for “Decolonizing Your Dialogue” Webinar Event

Clarkson University, in partnership with The Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center (DDNRC) and Princeton University, is sponsoring a two-part webinar series, “Decolonizing Academe”. These workshops feature panelists from academic institutions across the country.

The first webinar held Tuesday, September 21 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm EDT features Rodney Coates and Stephen Quaye discussing their frameworks to decolonize academic settings. A week later on Tuesday, September 28 from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm EDT, the second part will build on the previous week by featuring a panel discussion that includes Clarkson University Associate Professor of History and Social Documentation and Chief Inclusion Officer Dr. Jen Ball. The panel will provide examples of how they have put Coates and Quaye’s decolonizing frameworks into practice in dialogue settings to create more socially just dialogues and address specific ways to re-center traditionally marginalized voices, challenge longstanding models of power and privilege, center socio-political structures, and bridge awareness with student-initiated action.

To learn more about these webinars or to register for them click here:

The Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center (DDNRC) was founded in 2011 to ensure that college and university campuses remain places where we protect freedom of expression, sustain academic freedom, promote pluralism, and expand opportunities for constructive communication across different perspectives.

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